Alliance Profile

Jiexun Intelligent Warehousing Ecological Cooperation Alliance ", English name: Jiexun Intelligent Warehousing Ecological Cooperation Alliance, abbreviated as JIWECA, hereinafter referred to as" Alliance ". Centered on its partners, the Alliance has created greater value for customers, industry and society in terms of project integration, targeted development, brand market cooperation, and industrial ecological development with upstream and downstream industries through self-developed storage robots, software systems, and domestic and overseas industry and marketing resources!

Sales partner

Sales support - communicate various information in a timely manner to help improve the sales success rate and profitability; We can also jointly build successful cases and overcome difficulties through joint expansion.
Solution Partner

Product support - provide mobile robot products with advanced technology, strong competitiveness, safety and reliability, combine the deep understanding of the industry needs and rich project experience of Jiexun Mobile Robot, carry out open and inclusive product, technical cooperation and system interoperability to provide customized flexible industrial logistics solutions for terminal enterprises, and build a professional think tank and one-stop supply group for enterprise automation transformation.
Implementation service partner

Service support - provide long-term comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, including remote and on-site technical support,
Market support - help to improve the popularity and trust among customers.

Training partners

Technical training - help partners and end customers enhance the knowledge level and implementation ability of products and services. Jiexun provides a series of training and certification programs for partners to help you and your customers. Jiexun will provide you with all-round and multi-dimensional support to help you achieve success.
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