CPS Smart Brain

The intelligent brain of Jetcom CPS can be connected with the customer's on-site management system to realize end-to-end data transmission at the production site. Intelligent decision-making is carried out through the big data analysis platform. Combined with logistics robots, it helps customers improve production efficiency, reduce logistics costs, and drive production forces with wisdom.

The WMS warehouse management system is independently developed by Jiexun based on the cloud platform, which can be connected with the customer management system to achieve multi-warehouse, multi-organization, multi-business data management, in-warehouse operation management, customized warehouse location management, in-warehouse equipment health monitoring and intelligent report management, and collect data to optimize the business process and help customers improve the logistics operation level.
Full-process paperless operation
Support barcode, QR code, RFID, electronic label, and visual cargo location management; Realize barcode operation throughout the process, from warehousing to in-warehouse operation; Real-time inventory count, error rate is almost 0。
Refined management warehouse
Full control of daily inventory of goods such as warehousing/warehousing/warehouse transfer/inventory; Support multi-organization, multi-factory, multi-warehouse and multi-location management strategies; The on-time delivery rate of orders can be increased to more than 70%.
Visual monitoring and early warning
You can customize reports for analysis, message warning, and decision-making; Visual monitoring and warning of the whole warehouse operation; Automatically remind replenishment based on inventory alert。
Digital signage management
Monitor the task status of each order, part, process and station through Kanban; Automatically report real-time information such as capacity, abnormality, input quantity and output quantity; Real-time and convenient grasp of production material task execution status.
Intelligent automation equipment integration
Support PC and mobile terminal, software and hardware combination With the help of barcode, PDA, electronic signage, automatic packaging and weighing equipment, intelligent, digital and efficient warehouse management can be realized。
WCS warehouse control system

Jiexun WCS system is a management and control system between WMS system and PLC system, which can coordinate the operation of various logistics equipment, such as conveyors, stackers, multi-piercing robots and other logistics equipment. It mainly optimizes and decomposes tasks and analyzes the execution path through task engine and message engine, provides execution guarantee and optimization for the scheduling instructions of the upper system, and realizes the integration of various equipment system interfaces Unified scheduling and monitoring.
Adopt cross-platform language development to realize barrier-free platform operation.
Scientific algorithm
Based on A * algorithm and combined with a large number of application cases, it has been improved and optimized to develop a unique path planning mechanism.
The operating parameters of equipment and instructions can be flexibly configured, and the equipment can be added according to the actual needs, so the system does not need secondary development.
Intelligent monitoring
Real-time equipment operation status monitoring, data collection, real-time task execution process monitoring, and visual management of line monitoring equipment and cargo location information, and real-time update.
Through careful demand analysis and rigorous calculation, ensure the safety of goods and equipment operation at the junction of various equipment in the intelligent storage system.
It can be set to multiple warehouses and controlled by zones.
Whole process
Support warehousing, sorting, handling, loading and unloading。
Fully equipped
Support AGV, stacker, shuttle car, conveyor line, etc.
Full scene Support complex scenarios such as WIP and operation transfer.
Easy to develop
The low-code platform supports the secondary development of non-professionals.