Lightning four-way shuttle
The Jiexun four-way shuttle car is a kind of intelligent handling robot working on the track, which can realize the tasks of goods warehousing, inventory and placement under the control of the system, and can communicate with the upper computer and WMS system or control through the handheld terminal, and realize the functions of automatic identification and automatic access in combination with electronic labels, bar codes and other technologies.
Running speed
Rated load
Body weight
Shelf height
Single deep fork

It is the main mechanism for storing and storing goods, with automatic retraction function. It is directly assembled on the shuttle car, which is convenient to pass through the lane between the shelves and complete the work of automatic access or transfer of goods.
Variable cargo fork

It can automatically change the fork distance according to the size of the goods, and access them.

Double deep fork

It is the same as the single depth level, but the pickup distance is farther, and can be extended to two bins. It is directly mounted on the four-way shuttle.

Why Choose Shuttle Cars?
Multi-layer shuttle robot is the fastest paced product in the storage industry in today's society. The efficiency of multi-lane entry and exit can reach 2000+boxes/h. It is the preferred product for large box-type high-level stereoscopic warehouse. In the same site, the speed can reach 1.2 times/1.5 times of the stacker and 1.5 times/3 times of the AGV bin robot, which is the fastest return on investment at present.
Why choose Jiexun?
At present, Jiexun is the only company in the world that focuses on the R&D, production and manufacturing of the bin shuttle robot and specializes in special price. It is committed to providing customers with a complete set of intelligent storage product solutions, including the bin shuttle, elevator, shelf, sorting line, software, etc., and implements delivery in 7 days and online in 30 days. We have a very high degree of automated production equipment, which is more efficient and can effectively reduce manufacturing costs. And we always believe that only by providing customers with competitive products and prices can we make customers more competitive and ultimately grow with customers. After all: cooperation is win-win!
Jiexun short video platform
Several anchors will explain the relevant knowledge of the four-way shuttle to you.
Shuttle structure
Advantages of four-way shuttle
Three core advantages of Jiexun


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